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Freedom of Information Statement

This is Countess Anne School Publication Scheme

on information available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000


The governing body is responsible for maintenance of this scheme.

1.         Introduction: what a publication scheme is and why it has been developed

One of the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (which is referred to asFOIA in the rest of this document) is that public authorities, including all maintained schools, should be clear and proactive about the information they will make public.


This guidance gives examples of the kinds of information that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would expect schools to provide in order to meet their commitments under the model publication scheme. It will be of most use to schools developing their own guide to information. Alternative model guides to information for Nursery and Primary schools will be available when released by the ICO. In the meantime it is recommended that such schools adopt this approach but areas relevant only to Secondary schools are not included.


To do this we must produce a publication scheme, setting out:

  • The classes of information which we publish or intend to publish;
  • The manner in which the information will be published; and
  • Whether the information is available free of charge or on payment.

The ICO would expect schools to make the information in this document available unless:

  • we do not hold the information;


  • the information is exempt under one of the FOI exemptions or Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) exceptions, or its release is prohibited under another statute;


  • the information is archived, out of date or otherwise inaccessible; or,


  • it would be impractical or resource-intensive to prepare the material for routine release.


The scheme covers information already published and information which is to be published in the future.  All information in our publication scheme is available for you on our website to download and print off.

Some information which we hold may not be made public, for example personal information.

This publication scheme conforms to the latest model scheme for schools approved by the Information Commissioner.

We endeavour to make as much information as possible available online. The classes, below, provide links to information which is available. If any of the information is not available online, the scheme will explain how it can be accessed. We will continue to develop this scheme to increase the amount of information that can be accessed through it.

The school does not charge for information which is accessed on our website. However, we may pass on costs for reproducing information or providing it in alternative formats, and we do charge for some specialist information services. Details of these costs are listed in the Schedule of Charges.

2.         How to request information

If you require a paper version of any of the documents within the scheme, please contact the school by telephone, email, fax or letter. Contact details are set out below.

Email: admin@countessanne.herts.sch.uk

Tel: 01707262840

Contact Address: School Lane, Hatfield, Herts., AL10 8AX

To help us process your request quickly, please clearly mark any correspondence “PUBLICATION SCHEME REQUEST” (in CAPITALS please)

If the information you’re looking for isn’t available via the scheme and isn’t on our website, you can still contact the school to ask if we have it.

3.         Paying for information

Information published on our website is free, although you may incur costs from your Internet service provider. If you don’t have Internet access, you can access our website using a local library or an Internet café.

Single copies of information covered by this publication are provided free unless stated otherwise in section 4. If your request means that we have to do a lot of photocopying or printing, or pay a large postage charge, or is for a priced item such as some printed publications or videos we will let you know the cost before fulfilling your request. Where there is a charge this will be indicated by a £ sign in the description box.

4.         Classes of Information Currently Published


 Information to be published

How the information can be obtained


Class 1 - Who we are and what we do

(Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts)

This will be current information only

hard copy and/or website


  • Instrument of Government


The Instrument of Government is the document which records the name and category of the school and the name and constitution of its governing body.


  • School prospectus


The statutory contents of the school prospectus, as follows:

­   information about the implementation of the governing body’s policy on pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

­   a description of the policies relating to disabled pupils, including facilities to improve access and the accessibility plan.

Once the prospectus has been published and made available to parents, access to it should be available to anyone.


  • Annual Report


Only maintained nursery schools are required to produce a Governor’s Annual Report to Parents.


  • Governing Body


The names, and contact details of the governors should be available and the basis on which they have been appointed.


  • School session times and term dates


Details of school session times and dates of school terms and holidays.


  • Location and contact information


The address, telephone number and website for the school together with the names of key personnel.










Available on request or same information available via the school website.

















Available on school website






Available on school website





On Hertsdirect and on request.


Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information about projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

Current and previous two financial years as a minimum.



Available on request and Pupil Premium Expenditure available on  website


  • Annual budget plan and financial statements


Details of the Individual Schools Budget distributed by the Local Authority and the school’s annual income and expenditure returns.


  • Capital funding


Details of the capital funding allocated to the school together with information on related building projects and other capital projects.


  • Additional Funding


Income generation schemes and other sources of funding. (Specialist secondary schools may have additional government funding and arrangements with private sector sponsors.)


  • Procurement and contracts


Details of procedures used for the acquisition of goods and services. Details of contracts that have gone through a formal tendering process.



  • Pay policy


The statement of the school’s policy and procedures regarding teachers’ pay.


  • Staffing and grading structure


  • Governors’ allowances


Details of allowances and expenses that can be claimed or incurred.





Available on request






Available on request













Available on request







Available on request


Class 3 - What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

Current information as a minimum



Available on school website


Below is a list of the type of information that we would expect schools to have readily available for publication. Any other reports or recorded information showing the school’s planned or actual performance should normally be included.


  • School profile


­   Government-supplied performance data

­   Summary of latest Ofsted report*

­   The required narrative sections covering areas such as: successes during the year; areas of improvement; efforts to meet the individual needs of every child; pupil’s health, safety and support; post-Ofsted action plan; and links with parents and the community

(* the full Ofsted report should also be available.)


  • Performance management information


Performance management policy and procedures adopted by the governing body.


  • Schools future plans


Any major proposals for the future of the school involving, for example, consultation or a change in school status.


  • Every Child Matters / child protection


The contribution of the school to the five Every Child Matters outcomes. The policies and procedures that are in place to ensure that functions are exercised with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in compliance with any guidance issued by the Secretary of State.











Available on school website











Available on request





Available on request/school website







Child Protection Policy on school website.





Class 4 - How we make decisions

Decision-making processes and records of decisions.

Current and previous three years as a minimum.


Available on request



  • Admissions policy / decisions


The school’s admission arrangements and procedures, together with information about the right of appeal. Individual admission decisions would not be expected to be published, but information on application numbers/patterns of successful applicants (including criteria on which applications were successful) should be if this information is held by the school.


  • Minutes of meetings of the Governing body and its sub-committees


Minutes, agendas and papers considered at such meetings should be published as soon as practicable, with the exception of information that is properly considered to be private to the meeting





Available on school website













Available on request


Class 5 - Our policies and procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Current information only.


Available on school website



  • School policies


This will include school policies and procedures together with other information related to the school such as charging and remissions policy, health and safety and risk assessment, complaints procedure, staff conduct policy, discipline and grievance policies, pay policy, staffing structure implementation plan. It will also include policies and procedures for handling information requests.


  • Pupil and Curriculum policies


This will include such policies as home-school agreement, curriculum, sex education, special educational needs, accessibility, race equality, collective worship, careers education (Key Stage 4 pupils) and pupil discipline.

  • Records management and personal data policies


This will include information security policies, records retention, destruction and archive policies, and data protection (including data sharing) policies.


  • Equality and diversity


This will also include policies, schemes, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to equal opportunities.


  • Policies and procedures for the recruitment of staff


If vacancies are advertised as part of recruitment policies, details of current vacancies will be readily available.


  • Charging regimes and policies


Details of any statutory charging regimes should be provided. Charging policies should include charges made for information routinely published. They should clearly state what costs are to be recovered, the basis on which they are made, and how they are calculated.




Available on school website











Available on school website








Privacy notice available on website.





Available on school website






Available at TeachinHerts





Charging and Remissions Policy available on school website


Class 6 - Lists and registers

Currently maintained list and registers only.

(hard copy and/or website)


  • Curriculum circulars and statutory instruments


Statutory Instruments (for example Regulations), departmental circulars and administrative memoranda sent to the Head Teacher/Governing Body concerning the curriculum.


  • Disclosure logs


If a school produces a disclosure log indicating the information provided in response to requests, it should be readily available. Disclosure logs are recommended as good practice.


  • Asset register


We would expect some information from capital asset registers to be available, if such registers are held.


  • Any information the school is currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers.












Available on request





The services we offer

Information about the services the school provides including leaflets, guidance and newsletters.

Current information only.

Available on school website


Generally this is an extension of part of the first class of information and may also relate to information covered in other classes. Examples of services that could be included here are:

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Out of school clubs
  • School publications
  • Services for which the school is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees
  • Leaflets, booklets and newsletters.

Available on school website



Our website is at  www.countessanneprimary.org.uk


7.         Feedback and Complaints

We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about the scheme. If you want to make any comments about this publication scheme or if you require further assistance or wish to make a complaint then initially this should be addressed to Chair of Governors, via the school office.

If you are not satisfied with the assistance that you get or if we have not been able to resolve your complaint and you feel that a formal complaint needs to be made then this should be addressed to the Information Commissioner’s Office. This is the organisation that ensures compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and that deals with formal complaints. They can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF



Enquiry/Information Line:   01625 545 700

E Mail: publications@ic-foi.demon.co.uk.

Website:         www.ico.gov.uk



Countess Anne School – A Church of England Academy

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Annex A – Further documents held by the school



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